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December 18, 2012
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The doorbell rang, knocks were made on the door, each was opened with your bright smile. Your house was filled with your friends, joyous for the occasion. Everyone brought gifts and put them under the tree so the people they got from the Secret Santa Hat will find them.

Almost everyone was there, even Ivan, Yao, Kiku, and other people who usually don't celebrate Christmas. But you were still waiting for your crush and his family to arrive. You talked to your friends as you waited... And waited...And waited some more. You were starting to worry that he wouldn't come when the doorbell sprung to life.

You quickly walked to the door and swung it open, wearing a wide grin. The door revealed a grinning Spaniard, a bubbly Italian, and your crush since childhood, the scowling Italian, all bearing gifts for their person.

"(F/N)!" The bubbly Italian named Feliciano glomped, as Kiku would say, you just as you were about to speak. You hugged back and spoke.

"Well, it's great to see you too, Feli." He stepped back and kissed you on both cheeks as a large blush spread on your face. You looked over at Lovino and saw his scowl turn worse, anger in his eyes, and a slight blush. He turned his eyes towards you for a split second and quickly looked away, his blush growing.

Once Feliciano let go, you smiled at the the three and waved your hand towards the inside, to show them that they could go inside.

"Come on in, guys. The food and drinks are over at that table. You guys can put the gifts under the tree." You made gestures to where the table and the tree were. "You guys can just chat with everyone while I get everything ready." Antonio was called over by his two friends, Gilbert and Francis. You walked away, the smile still on your face, and headed towards the kitchen.

The buzzer went off to tell you the brownies were done. Grabbing and putting on an oven mitt, you took the brownies out of the oven. You turned around and nearly dropped the brownies out of surprise, yelping at the same time.

"Oh, I'ma sorry, (f/n)! I just-a wanted to help!" Feliciano raised his hands in front of his face. He started whimpering and apologizing so quickly you could hardly understand him.    

"It's- it's okay, Feli! It's okay." You put the brownies on a table and pulled him in a hug and started cooing and rocking him. He calmed down and finally stopped sniffling. Backing away from you while still holding you, he looked at you, though his eyes were still closed, and smiled.

"You look-a very pretty, (f/n)." His smile was bright and made you smile as well. As you let go of him, you thanked him. You picked up the brownies and put it on the food table, Feli following just behind you.
You laid the brownies on the table and started cutting them into small pieces. You looked behind you and smiled at Feli. He did a small "Ve" and swayed. You did little errands here and there, even still, the little, lost puppy followed you.

Everywhere you walked, Feli followed. Though it was a bit annoying you didn't mind, though you wished that it was the other twin. And whenever you did spot Lovino you would walk towards him, and every time you did, he would evade your approach. You decided to just give up, seeing he didn't want to be near you.

Looking at the clock, you noticed that it was nearly time to give the Secret Santa presents. You called for attention and announced that it was time to open the gifts. Everyone cheered and headed towards the tree. They all sat around it, waiting for permission to grab and open the gifts. A warm, fuzzy feeling grew inside of you just by seeing all the smiling friends and family.

You looked over the people and found Lovino. You swiftly took a seat next to him and gave him a smile. He glanced at you and quickly turned away, trying to hide his blush. A plop sounded next to you that bore the happy Feli. He quickly hugged you and kissed you on the cheek. You giggled half-heartedly and hugged back.

The designated gift passer, or Santa's Helper as he preferred, called name by name. With each name the owner of the name got up and received his or her gift. Everyone was told beforehand to wait for everyone to get the gift, so they could all open the gifts at once.

Once the gifts were in the hands of the receiver you gave the signal to open the gifts. Wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, and strings flew everywhere. Reds, greens, blues, whites, and many other hues and shades landed in piles here and there, everything was a flurry of colours.

Many 'Ooo's, cheers, and laughter were heard during the unwrapping, even an excited squeal from Alfred when he unwrapped the Captain America shield and when Yao got a giant stuffed Hello Kitty.

Your present was a snow globe for your recent snow globe collection. It had a miniature sized colosseum and a green base that had the word "Rome". You smile at your gift, which was one of the best gifts you ever received.  

"Bella[1], what did you-a get?" Feli asked, startling you in the process. You looked over at him and gave him a small smile.

"It's a snow globe for my collection. Hardly anyone knows about it. But apparently, this person does."

"Ve~ That's-a nice of-a the person." He reached over and hugged you. You awkwardly laughed and hugged back. Both of you giggled and pulled back. A growl sounded to your other side. You looked over in Lovino's direction and saw him storm off, leaving the crowd. You decided to get up and chase after him.

You finally caught up to him and grabbed his shoulder. He pulled away and turned towards you. An angry and hurt look took over his face.

"What-a do you want?" His voice was abrupt and harsh, like a slap across the face. Your feelings were hurt just by this sentence. Without fully knowing your eyes began watering. Lovino's face softened and he started apologizing.

"Uh, d-d-don't cry! I'ma sorry, okay! Just-a... Just-a don't cry." Bashfully, he rubbed the back of his neck. As you calmed down he began to speak again, trying his best to avoid your sad (e/c) eyes. "A-anyway, what-a did you need-a?" You gathered your words and gave a sigh.  

"I... I just wanted to see why you ran off. I'm just concerned, you know. 'Tis the season to be jolly, right?"

"Yeah, but shouldn't you-a be worried about-a my idiota fratello[2]? You-a seem to love him, always hanging around-a him. Everyone likes-a him better, everyone loves-a him..." He scoffed at his own painful words, slumping down in defeat.

"'Like him better'? I don't like him better! And I wasn't hanging around him, he was following me! Besides... I don't love him. Well, not like that. I love someone else..." You started to trail off at the end of your sentence. Lovino's head perked up.

"You-a what? Who?" He started to fidget, waiting for your answer. He's been wanting to hear a certain something from you for a long time. Your the only one that ever acted like he mattered, that he's not just Feliciano's twin brother.

"Heh... W-well. He has chestnut hair and amber eyes... He curses a lot..." You turned to face him but as you did, he cupped your face and kissed you on the lips. Though shocked, you slowly grew into the kiss. The both of you broke apart after some time. Lovino saw you smile and became flustered. He looked up and pointed to the ceiling.

"Uh... M-mistletoe..." He put his head down, a large blush taking over his face. Seeing this, your smile grew into a grin. You lifted up his head and looked at him.

"Sure it was." You kissed him on the lips once more.
So this is a somewhat of a request from :iconhetaliais: and :iconherawesomeness13: from this story [link] Yeah... This is for you two! Yay~

Anyway, someone else requested an England one so... I'll be working on that one. Oh, and you can still ask for someone else for this story. I mean, if ya want that is. Just please provide a plot. Doesn't have to be a large plot! It can be a one sentence plot even.

Correct me on my grammar, please.

1.) Bella- Beautiful
2.) idiota fratello- idiot brother

Random Note: I burnt myself today. It hurts. I was putting cookies back in the oven because they weren't entirely done and my finger scraped the oven door thing. Gee, thanks choir cookies. Oh yeah... The cookies are for a choir party after we're done with the choir finale. Choir finales usally take about 10-20 minutes and the finales are 1 hour and 40 minutes. So... Party!
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Norway and Iceland cone together and cue shenanigans. Meddling Norway, who ends up getting Denmark to help as well. More or less, Denmark joins in since Norway wouldn't ask. Reader would catch on, and the start dodging the mistletoe that Denmark and Norway start to put up everywhere. Reader ends up getting fed up with the two and kisses Iceland on her own.
Cutetiger40 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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