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January 19, 2013
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Your alarm clock woke you with a start, startling you from your sleep. You hit the stop button with a smack and pulled the blankets off you, causing your still sleeping cat to be flung off the bed and giving it a jolt to reality. He emitted a yowl as he ran under a desk, hiding from the supposed danger. You looked in his direction and felt bad for him.

"I'm sorry, Alfred, I didn't mean to scare you. Come on out, nothing's here to scare you." You got off your bed and went over to your cat, picked him up gently, and placed him on the bed once more. You pat him on his head and left the room to get some food for you and your cat.

Your cat, Alfred, was a fat one, though very fluffy. He was mostly white, with the exception of poofy, brown, collar-like fur around his neck. Freckles lined his face, making it seem he has glasses. His meow was very odd, kind of like a laugh, but still not quite. Al ate almost anything, making him seem like your own personal vacuum cleaner, however he wouldn't eat vegetables. Vegetables would just be left there to rot.

You went into the kitchen and headed towards the cat food. Getting the cat food shovel, you poured some of the cat food, along with some cold, cooked meat, into Alfred's bowl, making him dash to the food and water bowls. You yourself made some human food for you to eat. Looking over at Alfred once done making the food you saw that he finished his food and, being that fat cat that you love, was wanting more.

"Nope, no more food for you, Al. You already ate your food. Maybe if you'd eat it slower you'd feel less hungry." Alfred whined loudly while clawing at the cat food bag. You walked over to the cat food and picked it up, carrying it up to the counter and putting it down, completely out of Alfred's reach.

This made him yowl and roll around the floor even louder, nearly waking up your family. You gave in for your ears sake and gave him a little bit more food. He scurried over to the food and practically breathed it in.

You laughed at his antics and continued to eat, though more slowly than your cat. With a loud belch, Alfred walked back to your room to sleep once more.

Once done eating, you went into the bathroom then headed to your room. Al was sleeping on the bed while being sprawled across papers you needed today. You left him be and went to get dressed and fix your hair.

~*~*~*~*Time Skip*~*~*~*~

Almost everything was done, your hair, your clothes, bed, last minute homework, a packed lunch, all done. You were checking everything for the second time when you heard your school bus arrive way too early. You shoved your papers, the very same papers Alfred was sleeping on, into your backpack, making him snap awake and meow at you. You apologized to him and hurriedly put your coat on, all the while Alfred climbed in your backpack to sleep on the warm papers.

You grabbed your backpack and lunch bag and sped off to the bus, barely catching it. You sighed in relief and relaxed, hoping today wouldn't get any worse.

~*~*~*~*Time Skip to School*~*~*~*~    

The bus finally arrived at the school, allowing the children to empty it and enter the school. You walked to your locker, saying hello to wandering teachers and friends as they passed by.

You stopped at your locker and put in your combination. You took off your backpack as a meow whined from the bag. Unlatching the buckles on the bag, Alfred's head popped out, his brilliant blue eyes shining because of your recent discovery. (E/C) eyes stared at blue ones, your brain finally registering what it's seeing. Panic shot through your body as your name was called.

"(F/N)! Hey, (f/n)! What'cha doin'?" (Friend's name) ran up to you, paced it into a jog, then slowly walked to you. You quickly shoved your backpack into your locker, albeit  being careful for Alfred, took out the things you needed for your first and second hour classes, and closed the locker, though not locking it.

"H-hey! How are you? Everything's fine. Nothing weird here, that's for sure!" You nervously laughed as you babbled on, the panic still coursing in you. (Friend's name) gave you a weird look, questioning your sanity. She shrugged it off and continued her talking.

"Anyway... You ready for today's test? I heard from others that its pretty difficult." As she finished her sentence, Alfred began to quietly cry out. "Uhh... What's that noise?"

"Noise? What noise? Oh, you mean the meowing? That's, uh, that's... That's my cell phone! Yeah, my cell phone! Heh, heh... Yeah... Will you-will you just hold on for a sec?" You opened your locker again and briskly gave Alfred some meat from your lunch bag. "Be quiet while I'm gone, got it?" He meowed in reply to your whisper. You spun around and closed the locker, locking it this time. (Friend's name) gave you an odd look while a nervous, twitchy grin was plastered on your face.

"A-anyway, we should get going, we might be late for class."

"But the bell hasn't even rang yet." She barely finished her sentence when you started grabbing her arm and dragging her to the first hour both girls shared.

~*~*~*~*Time Skip to Lunch*~*~*~*~

The bell rang so that people knew that class was over and lunch began. You walked out of class and went to your locker. Opening it, an ecstatic but hungry cat head popped up from your backpack. You laughed and grabbed both a buckled up backpack and full lunch bag, then headed outside. People were allowed to eat inside or even outside, as long as they stayed inside the school gates.

You sat near a tree where no one was around, and let Alfred out of the bag to let him roam and use the restroom. Al jumped out, eager to stretch his legs, and walked around the tree once. He instantly went back to you once down for you were the one who had the food. His cry for food caused you shake your head at him in humor. You checked your lunch bag for meat. You grabbed the meat, put it on the plastic baggie it was in, and handed it to him, letting him scarf down the food.

Around twenty minutes you and Al finished eating lunch when a group of "popular" girls walked up to you. Whenever you sat alone and not with your friends, the group, and always the exact same group, walked over to you just to make fun of whatever they see.

"Well, well, well..." The tallest of the group sneered. "Look what we have here. Ugly (f/n) all alone. Again. Not a surprise, really. Who'd want be around you?" At the repugnant remark, Alfred's head and ears perked.

"Tch, look at that hair. Do you even wash it?" It was washed this morning. "And that ratty shirt." The shirt is a week old. "Don't even get me started on your face. At least put some make-up on, maybe you'll look halfway decent."

Your feelings were hurt and Alfred sensed this. He got up and slowly arched his back, his ears flattened against his head, tail somehow getting even more fluffed up. Al started walking towards the girls, who were still teasing you, finally showing himself. The girls instantly saw him. They slowly backed up and quickly ran when he started running at them, hissing and clawing.

With swift movements, you scooped up your cat before he could run after them, which calmed him instantly. He simply looked at you, giving you a loving lick on the cheek and his iconic, loud, laugh like meow. You laughed yourself, cheering you both up.

The bell rang once more, telling people to pack up lunch and head on to class.

~*~*~*~*Time Skip*~*~*~*~

School was over for the day at last, letting the children go home. Kids poured out of the so-called "prison" in a hurry to get out, be it bus, car, or on foot. You got on your bus, being part of the group of kids that can't wait to go home.

The bus ride seemed shorter, probably because you were preoccupied with Alfred. Stopping at your house, you stepped off the bus and entered your home. You unbuckled  the backpack and let Al out, finally being free from the ghastly bag. He stretched this way and that, trying to get rid of the kinks in his body.

Alfred, once done stretching, looked at you and gave his laugh like meow. Turning his head slightly, he saw one of his favorite toys and lunged at it like it'd get up and attack.

You laughed at your silly cat... Your silly, little, hero.
Well, hey there, sexies~ XD

An'wa's(anyways), I thought of this when I was getting off the bus and entering the school. I just finished reading this [link]? A grand read, that was.

Oh, and I need your help, people of the world. With exactly three things.

1.) I NEED A PLOT! BADLY! XD [link] <-- You know this, this crap? Well, people kept asking for another chapter and I aim to please. And I need a plot. Help?

2.) which one should I make first, which one sounds more appealing?
--"Helping England bake". Basically, what you need to know is in the title.
--"Matchmaker Feli" Ummm... I need a plot for this one, too.
--"Getting away from an obsessed 2p!America" He won't leave the reader alone but is actually, truly in love with her(or you can just imagin it's a he). In the end, well, lets just say its rather sweet.
--"Adopting a Prussian Cat and a German Cat" This is a PrussiaXReader ... But with Germany. An'wa's, reader find the cats in an ally and helps them. Prussia because so attached to her that he begins to like her more than just an owner. He goes to a Voodoo Witch Doctor and... That's all I'm gonna tell y'all. Oh! And help with this one too. Should he be born Gilbert long ago and turned into a cat or should he be born a cat?

3.) ... I can't remember... Oh that's right! It's the Fifth of November! ... Okay, seriously though, I can't remember. I'll just edit this when I remember.

EDIT: W'hey people! Don't mind me, I'm just giving the artist, :iconmystiklsushi: , credit for giving me permission to use the awesome picture. :D
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